Working with Startups and SMBs in Product and Marketing for over 7 years


A Marketing Technology Agency in Silicon Mountain

As a digital agency, Makonjo Media is always looking for the most relevant ways to use the best practices and tools in Marketing and Technology to help SMBs achieve their goals.

Our vision is to support SMBs to attain financial freedom for their founders and teams, so as to emancipate the SMB community and give them the freedom to make better, sustainable and future-proof choices.

Our mission is to help SMB Entrepreneurs and founders to run sustainable product, marketing and sales management routines that guarantees sustainable revenue for business growth.

1. Morality: Whether it is hard or easy, we will default to a morally better stance.

2. Freedom: Whatever we do, we do to it so that the people at SMBs discover and enjoy the freedom they deserve.

3. Conversations: Everything, even laws are subject to conversations that can give room for improvement.

4. High standards: When making a choice between average and excellence, always pick excellence; even if it is hard.

We Train to Transfer Skills

We Coach to Drive Progress

We Consult to Do it for You

Our People

Solving Problems

Esambe Elvis

Full Stack Developer

Martha Njie

Social Media & Translator

Eugen Bleck

Frontend Developer

Nokeli Ewanga

Finance Administrator

Ngwa Atoh

Marketer & Writer

Abdellah Ramadan

Web Developer

Febsar Eric

Business Development

Brandy Tate

Public Relations Intern

Bary Babei

Content Lead

Anoke Samuel

Contract Writer

Isaac Abrak

PR Contractor

Paul Otto

Product & Marketing Lead