Agile Marketing Management: An Efficient Solution for SMBs?

Agile Marketing Management: An Efficient Solution for SMBs?

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, making it imperative for marketers to move with the flow of progress. But how can marketing managers ensure their teams keep pace with their competition while remaining flexible enough to adjust to an unpredictable future?

These days, the answer lies in agile marketing management.

For small businesses, this approach of marketing has become even more essential as they need to be able to react quickly to marketing data and new trends.

What’s more, audience expectations are rising. Marketing technology is getting more sophisticated and the number of channels businesses need to reach keeps growing. Small businesses are now realizing that their tried and true ways of marketing don’t do the trick anymore.

With an approach to planning, executing, and measuring projects that are based around rapid iteration, marketing departments, especially in small businesses can work better, faster, and at less cost.

What exactly is Agile Marketing Management?

Agile marketing management is a project management framework in which members of a marketing team collectively identify high-value projects on which to focus their collective efforts.

This approach borrows the principles of agile software development, which enables teams to meet tight deadlines under a strict budget, and applies it to a marketing context.

Agile marketing teams use sprints (short, finite periods of intensive work) to complete projects collectively. After each sprint, the team measures the impact of the projects and then continuously and incrementally improves the results over time.

Agile Marketing Management: An Efficient Solution for SMBs?

Here is a video of Jeff Sutherland (one of the creative minds behind the development of agile) speaking at a TedX event about agile and how it can transform the productivity of any team:



Why agile marketing?

Marketing teams often struggle to meet deadlines and achieve their goals because of inefficient processes and a lack of proper tools to support better ways of working.

Implementing agile principles and workflows, however, can go a long way toward solving these problems for marketing departments.

A 2018 study [PDF] shows that agile marketing management helped 93% of marketers to improve speed to market their ideas, products, and campaigns.

What’s more, 50% of traditional marketers plan to adopt agile marketing. Why? It improves project management and gets measurable results.

Agile Marketing Management: An Efficient Solution for SMBs?

Why go the agile way?

But, beyond statistics, here are some benefits for small businesses that choose to go agile. 

  • Delivers more ROI at less cost

Thanks to agile processes that empower marketing teams to run multiple campaigns at once without compromising on quality, it’s a lot easier to produce a more measurable return on investment (ROI) at less cost. For one thing, the old, traditional approach to marketing was slow and measurement, sometimes difficult to quantify.

  • Increases efficiency

The agile approach to marketing eliminates unnecessary steps that help marketing teams work faster. It also helps the team execute more projects which translates to more opportunities to bring in new customers for a small business. And because the marketing team doesn’t spend time on things that don’t deliver value, it is able to focus its energy on the most important tasks that deliver results. 

  • Helps businesses to focus on customers

By now, it’s no secret that the customer is king. This is especially true for and important to small businesses. The agile marketing approach helps marketing teams to focus on delivering what their customers want without getting overwhelmed by unnecessary documentation and meetings that don’t deliver any real results to the customer.

Strategically identifying high-value marketing projects that drive revenue and growth can be daunting. With agile marketing management, any small business owner can be sure to systematically execute such projects through a simple marketing process.

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Over to you!

Which challenges do you face in your marketing as an SMB?

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