Start Making Extra ₦150k a Month as a Web Designer

During the 4 weeks of Web Design Training + 4 weeks of Web Design Business Coaching, you will be guided to:

  • Acquire skills in building websites even with ZERO prior knowledge
  • Get your first paying customer
  • Setup your freelancing or Web Design Agency Business.
  • Create your business website, proposal and invoicing templates
  • All in 8 Short Weeks, through
  • Fun and engaging Online Zoom sessions, Wed & Thurs.  7pm – 9pm

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Meet Paul Otto,

Paul is Web Designer, Digital Product Manager, Web & Mobile App Designer, Digital Marketer and Digital Business Coach. Paul has a B.Eng. in Computer & Communications Engineering and has worked in different capacities in the IT sector in different organisations.

He is the founder and Managing Director of Makonjo Media, Founder and Product Manager of, and Editor at Afro

Paul is passionate about technology and media, and has a personal mission to help young people and SMBs to grow and achieve financial freedom as a first step to emancipate youths from our corrupt and old political systems.

Paul has been building websites for over 10years now and has mentored over 3000 persons across the world to build different skills in ICT.

Get coached by Paul and start making extra income as a Web Designer. 

Is this Bootcamp for You?

You already have a job

You cannot rely on your salary as your only source of income. Web Design skills are a great way to make an extra source of income as a freelancer.

While having jobs in different fields like Accounting, Teaching, Engineering and more, some of our students have subsidized their income with as low as ₦50,000 to as much as ₦1,000,000 per month freelancing in the evenings and weekends or running a side Web Design Agency.

One of our students who worked as a Lawyer opened an agency that closed a recurring deal of ₦3,000,000 per month for 2 years. That should be YOU, right? Yes, if you take action now.

You are a student or school dropout

Gaining a revenue-generating skill and experiences as a student is critical today. I started making ₦70k per website as a Web Design Freelancer in my second year in the university.

When I began making money, it freed my parents from sending me pocket money. When they retired, it was bliss because I could pay my final year fees by myself running a Web Design Agency with 4 staff in my 4th (final) year in the university.

My agency collapsed amidst final year project defense. However, my skills easily got me hired. While at a job, I was able to make extra ₦150,000 per month building websites some evenings and weekends. Later when I lost the job, my Web Design skills guaranteed stable income until I had a new plan.

You want to build a tech startup in the future

Hundreds of successful startup founders out there began their careers by building websites to make money. This is a smart approach because it gives you an opportunity to hone your skills in different tech skills and build a team that can become handy in building your product when you get your dream idea. 

Daniel Ek, the founder of Spotify, Ojima Benjamin of, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook all made money building websites by running businesses and as freelancers. You can add your name to this list by registering for the Web Design Business Bootcamp today.

You presently run your own Digital Marketing Agency

As a Digital Marketing or Graphic Design Agency, you must have discovered that most of your clients need websites, landing pages and sales pages for most of their marketing campaigns. If you are presently making the extra cash by offering these services, you are leaving money on the table.

Registering for this program will give you the skills to build websites and run the business side of things in running a web design business. Register today and start picking the money you’ve been leaving on the table.


After my training on Web Design, Graphic Design and SEO with Makonjo Media, I now have the freedom to live and work the way I want. I make money every month selling Web Design & SEO services.
Terence Banmbuh
Web Designer & SEO Specialist
Before being coached by Paul, I had been struggling to learn Python all by myself. Since I got under Paul's Mentorship, my speed of learning has increased dramatically. I have built a couple of applications and I am now working on something big.
Felix Fachiis
Python Application Developer
My objective was to be coached as a blogger, however, I got a lot more. Paul coached me on SEO, blogging, Web Design and Digital Marketing. This has been a great addition to my revenue as a model.
Sama Tanya
Model, Blogger & Digital Marketer
Paul did not only coach me to become a Web Developer. He pushed me to find an area where I can excel. He pushed me to become a Pixel Perfect Web Developer a strong Business Sense. I work with Makonjo Media today while also having a rare opportunity to serve as a Frontend Developer in teams at home and abroad.
Eugen Bleck
Pixel Perfect Front End Developer


Live Sessions hold from 7pm to 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays. So, you will be able to make it if you close at 5pm.

If you miss a session, you will have access to the video. If you have and questions after watching the videos, I will be available to answer all questions in a Telegram Group.

If any of your questions need practical exercises, I will be available to handle them in the next Live Session.

If you know you usually get stuck in traffic up until 8pm, you can take the sessions at work. Stay a little longer, calm yourself down and get into the session at 7pm. By 9pm, you will be done and the road traffic will be gone as well. A stone to kill two birds right?

NO CODING will be needed or done during this training. All websites and all exercises will be done through visual building exercises.

We will be using WordPress Elementor to build business websites in our training.

While advanced WordPress skills are important to build great WordPress applications, with good skills in planning and a disciplined appreciation of design, you can build better websites than the technical persons who do not have a good eye for design, those who skip the planning phase.

We will have intense Web Design Training during the first 4 weeks. If that’s what you want you can end there and grab your job as a Web Designer while the others continue learning how to be great Web Designer Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.

However, you will be a great asset to your employer if they know you can also help the company get new customers, draft proposals and close deals.

Won’t you want to be more valuable to your company and get some promotions, bonuses and salary increases?

Yes, you can. It is N45,000 if you pay in time. We know you can afford it if you make the sacrifices. We also know the question you are trying to ask is if it is worth paying for this with your hard earned money, as opposed to buy some new clothes or take someone sweet to dinner.

These are definitely very important ways to reward yourself with your money.

However, the best investments you will ever make is investing in yourself. An investment that can give you ₦150,000 Naira extra money a month is a worthy investment, right? An investment that can give you the skills to start a business, change your career, put you on a path to create your own tech startup… these is like the best investment you can make on yourself. This is a worthy way to start your new year. Rewarding your hard work with a life-transforming skill.

Let me tell you something about me. So many times in my life, when I run out of cash, I build a website and I get some money to re-stabilise.

So, even if you sell clothes or doughnuts. You can build websites in the evenings to get an extra ₦150,000 each month to add to your capital and push things forward. Isn’t that something?

We will not be using Wix. We will be using WordPress to build websites. WordPress is by far the most used tool to build websites in the world.

WordPress is free to use, while Wix requires you to pay monthly fees.

WordPress is more flexible to use, while Wix is stiff.

There is a longer career path as a WordPress Web Designer than a Wix Web Designer.

You have a better shot at making good money building websites with WordPress than with Wix.

You can make your money back before the 8-week bootcamp finishes.

After the first 4 weeks, you will begin the Web Design Business Coaching part of the bootcamp.

You will be asked to get at least one real customer and build a website for the customer and get paid. This part is optional. However those who are serious about becoming Web Design Business Owners should take it seriously.

We will guide you through the process.

Yes, there is a big market; today and in the future. Let me break it down.

Governments are becoming unable to create more jobs. The global economic crisis is making many people to loss their jobs. Most people are turning to entrepreneurship. Even people working in companies are opening side businesses that need websites.

Within 5 years of running a business, most entrepreneurs will need a website, and some will need their website designed a couple of times. If you do the math well, you will see that billions of people will become entrepreneurs and billions of websites will be needed. You will always have a website to build.

Even worse, most entrepreneurs either fail and try a new business. Others change their minds or grow their businesses and will need different websites. So, we are looking at double or triple the number of websites to be needed for entrepreneurs to be created.

I can go even deeper. Entrepreneurs are starting to launch new websites for different products and programs like their events and their NGOs.

Do you see how may websites will be needed? Countless like the grains of sand; so are your opportunities if you open your eyes and expand your mindset.

Websites are needed everywhere. You will get Web Design clients and jobs anywhere you go in the world; home and abroad.

The first 4 weeks of the bootcamp will help you accomplish just that. You can complete the first part and be free to leave.

The lifetime skill you get will help you build and manage your website and revise it as many times as you want. 

We both know that hiring people to do this all the time is more expensive and emotionally exhausting than doing it yourself.

We also know that it is easier to hire someone and supervise the person if you know how to do the work than if you have no idea on how to do the work.

All sessions will be online. You can take it from anywhere in the world. No need to travel.

If you have any questions, chat with me on WhatsApp

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